Emergency Service

Nashcombe Realty has contracted with an Independent Maintenance Company to handle calls for Emergencies after regular office hours.  Before you call the number for emergency services, you should make sure that your problem is indeed an emergency.  An emergency is a situation that endangers life or property.  If you call for a service that is not an emergency, it will be handled during regular business hours.

Examples of Emergencies

Fire:  ALWAYS call 911 for a fire.  If the fire department needs someone from the office to come by, they will call us.  If your property needs to be secured because of a fire, call the emergency number.

Electrical:  If you have a total loss of power, you should call the power company.  If you have an electrical hazard, you should turn the breaker off for that circuit and call during regular office hours.  If turning the breaker off is not an option, call the emergency number.

Water:  Any uncontrollable flow of water onto property is an emergency.  Call the emergency number.  Do not call if you can turn the water off.  There are cutoffs for commodes behind the commode.  There are cutoffs for the faucets in the cabinets below the faucets.  If you can't turn the water off, call your water provider to come and turn off the water, then call the emergency number.

Heat:  If the outside temperature is below 55 F, and your heat is not working at all, call the emergency number.  Most heating problems require parts and therefore can't be fixed in the middle of the night.  It is a good idea to have small electric heaters that can be used in emergencies.

Air Conditioning:  If the outside temperature is above 90 F, and your A/C is not working at all, call the emergency number.  Lack of air conditioning is annoying but rarely an emergency.

Water:  Be especially alert when periods of extrememly cold temperature exist.  Letting your water trickle slightly may prevent your water pipes from freezing.  We do not consider frozen pipes to be an emergency and we will not dispatch a plumber for frozen pipes.  When the pipes thaw, if you have water flowing from the pipes, call the emergency number.

Sewer Lines: If your sewage is backing up, call the emergency number.

Toilet won't flush:  If you have only one toilet, call the emergency number.

Resident Lock Outs: This is your responsibility under your lease.  Do not call the emergency number.  You will need to call a locksmith at your expense if you can't get in due to you losing or misplacing your keys.

Security Risks: If you have a broken or non-functioning lock and can't get in or secure your property, call the emergency number.

These are examples of Emergency Services and not all inclusive.  If your problem is not listed and you think it is an emergency, you may call the number and the service man will let you know if he is coming immediately, or at a later time.

Emergency calls will be handled on a priorty basis.  If the maintenance person has more than one call, he will respond based on what he deems to be the more important call.

The emergency number is 252-903-2485